Walkers Opticians, Zeiss i.Profile specialists for the North East

We believe in investing in technology to improve the service and eye care that we offer to our customers. The Zeiss i.Profiler measures your individual eye data with amazing accuracy.

Of course, most of us know whether we are far- or near-sighted or suffer from astigmatism. But there is also something called “higher order aberrations” – complex refractive errors that are unique to each human eye. That’s where the i.Profiler comes in.

Using the i.Profiler a unique map of your eye is produced and from there you have the opportunity to get i.Scription lenses which enables:

  • Optimised vision – also at night and in poor light
  • Appreciation of more brilliant colours
  • Greater contrast


The i.Profiler isn’t found everywhere. We are one of only 3 practices in the North East that partner with Zeiss to be able to bring you this state of the art technology. It is included in Durham as part of our standard eye test, both private and NHS, as we believe that this gives our patients the best choices regarding their lenses.

Please give us a call on 0191 386 4187 for more information.